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Standardized intelligent and industrialized

Origincell Profile

Shanghai Origincell Biological Cryo Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of OriginCell Technology Group, with Mr. Qu Jianguo, founder and chairman of OriginCell, as the chief engineer and leading a team of doctors, masters and multi-disciplinary senior engineers to create this high and new tech enterprise. 

The company is committed to the technological R & D, product design and manufacturing of advanced cellular biology automatic cryogenic storage equipment, with automatic and intelligent deep cryogenic biological sample storage equipment as the core emphasis, addressing directly the pain point of biological sample cryopreservation in the upstream and downstream of cutting-edge biomedical industry for the provision of innovative solutions. Meanwhile, relying on the solid technical strength of the group in the fields of cryogenic freezing and cell preparation, the company can provide one-stop and whole-process service of the overall planning, construction, management and maintenance and operation of biological sample bank/cell bank.

By March 2022, the company has applied for a total number of more than 300 patents at home and abroad, and obtained more than 200 licenses (including PCT), more than 40 software copyrights. 

  • National high tech enterprise

  • ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification

  • GB/T29490-2013 Intellectual property management system certification

  • European Union CE Certification

  • Shanghai pilot standardization of immune cell cryopreservation

  • Shanghai High-tech achievement transformation project

  • China WITMED (Wise Information Technology of med) Innovation Achievement

  • The top 50 start-up enterprises with biggest investment potential in Shanghai

  • Patent work pilot enterprise of Shanghai Municipality

  • 3rd prize of the "Blooming Cup" 5G Competition division in Shanghai, and 3rd prize in the national WITMED section

  • Excellent case of "Mobile Internet of Things" application of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • "Excellent Enterprise" Award in the high-end equipment manufacturing national competition of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Shanghai "Specialized Refinement Differential Innovation" Enterprise


Product Family

Origincell has successfully created products of 4 major series covering the whole value chain of automatic cryogenic storage, with dozens of models that can provide one-stop overall solutions for the cryogenic storage of cells/biological samples in vario

  • Automatic biological sample storage series

  • Intelligent transport and supporting facility series

  • Lab automatic equipment and consumable series

  • Biological sample smart bank management system

Automatic biological sample storage series

BSN, BP, P, AR series (vapor-phase liquid nitrogen), IVF series (liquid-phase liquid nitrogen), PBM series (cryobag storage), BSE series (-80℃)

Intelligent transport and supporting facility series

Liquid nitrogen transport tank AGV/RGV robot sample bank/ Pass-through box/Tube picking and liquid-filling station

Lab automatic equipment and consumable series

Lab automatic equipment and consumable series/Freezer/CellSeal Thawing System/Plate scanner/Environment monitor (SBS grillage, cryopreservation tube)

Biological sample smart bank management system

OBS-CybeBiobank5G-IoT, etc.


Innovative advantages

Four R & D Platforms

Push the development of biological sample storage industry toward standardization, clinical-oriented, informationization, intelligence and industrialization, to empower and assist the national "biological sample security".

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    Cryogenic bio-freezing technology platform

    Prof. Gao Dayong from University of Washington, USA, and chairman of International Society for Cryobiology

    Cryopreservation technologies developed for different cell/biological samples

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    Origincell Expert Workstation

    Prof. Liu Baolin, Dean of Medical Device and Food College of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, is the chief expert

    In-depth cooperation in the field of clinical-level "active biological sample cryogenic storage"

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    5G Joint Innovation Center and Joint Innovation Laboratory

    China Telecom, Shanghai Jiaotong University, SIPAI, ABB

    Interactive integration of 5G/AI/IOT and other technologies

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    Pudong New Area Post-Doctoral Enterprise-Research Center

    Enhance the Industry-University-Research Cooperation in the fields of domestic Cryobiology and intelligent biobank construction

The pioneering concept

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    Whole-process cryogenic cold chain protection to avoid repeated freezing & thawing

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    Patented invention: honeycomb storage structure to avoid cross contamination

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    Vacuum negative pressure single-tube picking to guarantee the safety of irrelevant samples

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    5G-IOT remote management platform, remote operation & maintenance

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    "Unmanned" sample bank; standardized, intelligent and industrialized upgrade

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    Regional temperature differentiation for longer duration

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    C structure plus light rail, a new step in sample pass-through

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    Double jacking design to facilitate dehumidification and improve efficiency

Partner Users

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