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Standardized, informationized and
large-scale cell factory

Yuantian Biotech Profile

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Origin Cell Group, Yuantian Biotech is a standardized cell factory focusing on the development of preparation technologies of various cells such as stem cell and immune cell, and of related reagent products. The company has immersed itself for years in the technology of cell extraction, separation and cryopreservation and in the standardization, informationization, scale and cost control of cell product preparation, and has achieved featured technology platform and proprietary technology barrier in terms of cell product quality control, packaging and freezing, long-term storage, recovery and amplification, and large-scale culture; it can provide high-quality and efficient technological services for long-term storage of cell seeds and mass production of cell preparations, and also provide tissue samples and standard cell preparations for the clinical translational research of related disease prevention and treatment. Meanwhile, the company has a long-term commitment to the construction of clinical and standardized resource bank of stem cells and immune cells, and the development of cell therapy technology and stem cell drugs. Oriented toward cutting-edge technologies, it sticks to first-hand innovation and renders service to biomedical and biological health care industry with a rigorous scientific mentality.

  • ISO9001 quality management system certification

  • Shanghai Immune Cell Storage Standardization Pilot Unit

  • Clinical-level cell preparation production system up to GMP specifications

  • Level-III enterprise in safety standardization

  • The stem cell preparation obtained quality certification from National Institute for Food and Drug Control

  • 4 invention patents, 13 patents for utility model

  • 7 copyrights including "data sheet display and auxiliary function platform software" and "cell sample bank information management software"


Business Section

In addition to providing high-quality and efficient technological services for long-term cell storage and mass production of cell preparations, Yuantian Biotech has also cooperated with several Class III Grade A hospitals in carrying out clinical research

  • Cell storage preparation services

  • Cell preparation for scientific research

  • Research & development of cryopreserved consumable reagents

  • Clinical research cooperation

Cell storage preparation services

The cell storage preparation of Yuantian Biotech is carried out in workshops in accordance with GMP standards. With hundreds of management files and standard operation procedures, all records of storage and preparation can be traced. Complete records of sample reception, preparation, testing, packaging and cryopreservation are available both online and offline, with independent sample code for each biological sample in order to avoid sample confusion.

Cell preparation for scientific research

In the cell preparation for scientific research, Yuantian Biotech has adopted a series of supporting in vitro amplification kit of immune cells and stem cells, providing a targeted solution to the problem of unclear ingredients of animal source additives and key materials common in the industry, which has ensured the safety of cell preparations from the source. In the process of cell preparation, the standard operation procedures are strictly observed to guarantee the preparation and quality control. Every batch of cell preparation for scientific research is equipped with complete preparation record, testing record and release record.

Research & development of cryopreserved consumable reagents

Yuantian Biotech has independently developed a series of supporting in vitro amplification kits of immune cells and stem cells, and through the cooperation with domestic and overseas famous expert teams from University of Washington and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, it has developed immune cell freezing solution and stem cell solution for direct clinical application and of greater safety.

Clinical research cooperation

Based on the existing cell bank resources and research platform technologies, we have also conducted a number of researches on the differences in the therapeutic effects of stem cell drugs and immune cell-related fields, in the hope of unveiling the underlying mechanisms and seeking solutions. At the same time, plans have been made for the development of MSC (mesenchymal stem cell) and exosomes drugs in the field of tissue repair and regeneration, so as to lay a foundation for the rapid development and in-depth application of the future cell resource banks.


Innovative advantages

Four platforms for innovative technologies

Push the development of biological sample storage industry toward standardization, clinical-oriented, informationization, intelligence and industrialization, to empower and assist the national "biological sample security".

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    Cell cryopreservation technology

    The development of immune cell and stem cell freezing solutions of low DSMO concentration, realization of standard and high-quality cell preservation, and the development of commercialized freezing solution.

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    Efficient amplification culture technology

    The development of animal-free and full-factorial cell culture medium, and the high-purity amplification culture technology of the multiple subsets of immune cells; clinical-level cell preparation for scientific research can be achieved.

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    Large-scale stem cell amplification culture technology

    Three-dimensional culture method is adopted for large-scale culture of amplified MSC, considerable enhancement in the production efficiency of stem cell preparations, and reduced production cost.

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    Exosome isolation and purification technology

    3D suspension continuous culture technology and purification with proprietary techniques are adopted to achieve the efficient separation and preparation of stem cell exosomes, which can provide large-scale production of exosomes up to clinical requirements.

Partners of Yuantian Biotech


Collaboration with Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai to carry out the anti-aging clinical research on autologous immune cells


Collaboration with Shanghai Changzheng Hospital to carry out the clinical research on the repair of knee joint by stem cells


Collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Fudan University to carry out clinical research related to pulp stem cell therapy


Collaboration with Shanghai General Hospital to carry out clinical research on the anti-aging and health improving effect of autologous immune cells


Collaboration with Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital of Tongji University to carry out clinical research on the autologous immune cell therapy for lung ground-glass nodules (GGN)