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Founding Philosophy

The most precious heritage of a person for his children is not money or property, but a figure with a successful career and self-less contribution to the society.

  • Shanghai Jianguo Public Foundation was established in June 1993 by Mr. Qu Jianguo, a renowned entrepreneur. Jianguo Public Foundation is the first domestic charity foundation established on personal donation. The registration and administration authority is Shanghai Community Administration, and competent authority of related industry is Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

    Aiming at helping the poor and the disadvantaged groups and supporting non-profit organizations in various public welfare activities, Shanghai Jianguo Public Foundation plays an active role in promoting the presence of non-government public welfare undertaking in poverty alleviation, environmental protection, school education and other fields.


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  • Lishui Cell Biology Industry Development Foundation was established in January 2020, abbr. Cell Biology Foundation, with initial donation from Mr. Qu Jianguo and Shanghai Muyang Industrial Co., LTD. The registration and administration authority is Lishui Civil Affairs Bureau, and competent authority of related industry is Lishui Health Commission.

    With the aim of promoting social welfare, Cell Biology Foundation gives backing to the development of cell biology industry and has established a public storage library of human cells, so as to promote the progress of cell biotechnology. The main activities of the foundation include cell biological research, supporting the storage of cell biology public resources, aid for diseases related to cell biology, rewarding units and individuals who have made contributions to the cell industry.


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  • Shanghai Nature & Health Foundation was established on May 28, 2004, with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. Mr. Qu Jianguo, the founder, is the chairman of Canature Health Technology Group and Origincell Technology Group. The registration and administration authority of the foundation is Shanghai Community Administration, and competent authority of its business is Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

    With the aim of protecting natural environment, promoting the people’s health and supporting the various public benefit activities of non-profit organizations, the foundation boasts of a business scope which includes supporting subject research on nature and human settlements, scientific experiments and related projects, and rewarding the units and individuals that have made contributions in this field, striving to contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.


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    Jianguo Public Welfare Rating Plaque

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    Jianguo Public Welfare Rating Certificate

  • weibiaoti-2.jpg

    The First Shanghai Charity Award in 2009

  • e1_img4.png

    Zhangjiang Charity Star of 2011

  • e1_img5.png

    Pudong Charity and Public Welfare Star of 2012

  • e1_img6.png

    Appointed as honorary headmaster of Jianguo Hope School in 1996

Video Program

抗疫捐赠 建国公益在行动