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Store the original cells and
preserve the energy of life

Profile of Origincell Bank

In 2014, Mr. Qu Jianguo, renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist in Shanghai, started his fourth business based on his aspiration of "no poverty under heaven and no sickness on earth" , and this original aspiration, also the ultimate vision, has been entrusted to the "Origincell Bank" .      

The preservation of young and healthy cells such as stem cells and immune cells is of great significance: as life resources, they can be used in the future cases of aging or disease of the owner or his/her family members, or to restore the health of other people. At the same time, the cell biological samples containing big data can also promote the development of scientific research, pharmaceutics and medicine. "Origincell Bank" is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Origincell Technology Group, and through high-quality cell sample storage services provided for biotechnology companies, medical institutions, scientific research institutes, health management agencies and so on, it is an ultimate escort for personal health and industrial development.

The group brand "Origin" is derived from the core business of the company of "storing the original cells and preserving the intelligence of life".

  • Immune Cell Storage Standardization Pilot Unit of Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation

  • Unmanned 5G automatic "Cell Bank"

  • ISO9001 quality management system certification

  • Excellent case of "Mobile Internet of Things" enterprises and public institutions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Social Influence List of the 2nd China WITMED (Wise Information Technology of med) Conference

  • Medical and health challenge award in the 3rd "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Competition

  • Dr. Gao Dayong, chair professor on origincell, is now chairman of International Society for Cryobiology

  • Technological achievements have been published in the SCI journal Cryobiology


Product Services

Provide all-way cold chain, automated cell storage services with traceable information, including immune cells of clinical level, MSC (mesenchymal stem cell), somatic cell and biological samples for scientific research.

  • Stem cell storage

  • Immune cell storage

  • Biological sample storage

  • Stem cell storage in leased space

Stem cell storage

Provide storage services for MSC from umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic membrane for individuals and institutions.

Immune cell storage

Provide storage of multiple-subset seed cell of immune cells for individuals and institutions.

Biological sample storage

Provide biological sample storage services including tissue, cell and biological macromolecule for scientific research institutes, research hospitals and biomedical enterprises.

Stem cell storage in leased space

Provide customized storage equipment whole-machine leasing for institutions.


Distinct advantage

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    Supported by intelligent system

    With the help of BSN series of automatic cryogenic storage system and new technologies such as AI and blockchain, the whole-process cryogenic and intelligent operation of cell samples have been achieved, representing the revolution of global industry.

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    Professional cryopreservation and application technology

    Backed by Yuantian Biotech and OriCell Therapeutics of the group, cryogenic freezing technology platform has been established as the head of the industry. It can identify the best cryopreservation technology of different cells and ensure the diverse application prospects of the cells. 

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    A complete third-party service system

    A service team of rich experience and outstanding technology is available. Through an intelligent management system, customers can check the real-time operation and environment information of the cell sample storage. 

The pioneering concept

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    "Unmanned" cell bank: standardized, intelligent, and industrialized

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    5G-IOT management platform, remote operation

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    Single storage and withdrawal can provent irrelevant cells from contamination

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    Advanced cryopreservation technology is a guarantee for cell storage quality

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    The coordinated "trinitarian" development of storage equipment, cell bank and medical research & development

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    A professional team with rich experience and outstanding technology

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    Client applications for convenient check of cell state

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    Co-establish regional cell banks with local governments, and render services to life science & technology industry and medical development

Cell Bank Partners


Prof. Gao Dayong from University of Washington is invited to act as "chair professor of origincells"


A cooperation framework agreement has been signed with Lishui People's Hospital


Cooperation with SIPAI to establish AI (medical innovation) joint demonstration base


Cooperation with ABB robots to establish a joint innovation lab for robots in the medical industry


Established 5G Life Science Joint Innovation Center with Shanghai Telecom