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Rights Declaration

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The ownership of trademarks such as "Origincell stores the original cells and preserves the energy of life" and "Origincell" belongs to the Origincell Group.

Without written authorization, any media, website or individual shall not reprint, extract, link, repost or reproduce and spread the content of this website in other forms.

The above-mentioned rights of Origincell Group are under the protection of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China, Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, China Trademark Law, Anti-unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws, regulations, normative legal documents and related international treaties; any violation of the above-mentioned rights may lead to civil, administrative or criminal liability.

Reproduction Statement

Part of the content of this website comes from information of articles reproduced on internet or is provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals. The copyright of such content belongs to the corresponding owner, and the source has been indicated on this website. Citations, extracts or reprinted content from a third party on this website serve only the purposes of communication or reference, without implying that this website endorses these views or confirms the authenticity of such content; these views or content are not related to Origincell Group.

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For your convenience and more information available, this website will offer periodical access to other sites. Origincell Group shall not assume any responsibility for your entry into other sites through the friendly links on this site, and shall not make any statement on the quality, nature or reliability of these sites. The links to non-Origincell sites do not mean that Origincell provides any content for these sites. Origincell shall not assume any responsibility for any loss or injury entailed in the use of such links by you or any third-party. Origincell reserves the right of deleting any hyperlinks at any time without prior notice to the third-party.

Spam prevention policies

Origincell Group adheres to the no-spam policy and eliminates the sending of any spam. Origincell promises to:

1.never sell or rent the personal data of customers, potential customers or Web visitors. Origincell Group is careful about personal privacy protection;

2.send email only to those who request it (i.e. those who hope to keep contact with Origincell Group through online or offline marketing campaigns); and 

3.strengthen the monitoring of spam and take necessary precautionary measures.

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